Quality control

Our goal at Aroma2GO is to create and develop exclusive aromatherapy diffusers that are beautiful yet highly functional.

It’s essential to make our products successful and establish long term relationships with our customers. To achieve this goal, we have set a strict quality control process. Here are the quality control steps for any Aroma2GO diffuser production:

1. Size check (for glass and ceramic productions)

2. PCB function check

3. Online function check

4. 4 hr Live test

5. Final function check

6. Packaging Development & Control

7. Quality control



Our Factories

Aroma2GO has 3 partner factories that are BSCI audited. We are very concerned about our factory’s respect of the social legislation. We participate through CAP’s (corrective action plans) at the improvement of the organisation of our partner factories. Our 25 years experience in China has taught us that there’s a strong link between the respect of the social legislation, the organisation of a factory and the quality of the products and services that a factory delivers.


Size check

We size check every piece of glass and porcelain cover before it’s sent to the production line. The size tolerance is +/- 1,5 mm on glass and 2,5 mm on ceramic. A2G ~ quality control steps


PCB check

PCB check( printed circuit board) Each board is individually checked upon delivery and before it is sent to the production line.


Online Function Check

Online function check at the end of the assembly line. The functions of every diffuser are tested.


Live Test

Every finished diffuser is "live tested" for 4 hours to make sure our products are up to standard. The diffusion is continuous & strong.


Final Check

Every single diffuser is tested again to make sure all the functions are working properly. Once final check is done, goods are packed.


Packaging Development & Control

Our packaging material is carefully developed in order to ensure that goods are very well protected & cannot be damaged from our factory to the end consumer’s home. Our QA team as well as our third party Inspection company carefully checks all the packing materials. We do ensure that the quality corresponds to the ordered products as well that goods are well protected through drop tests.


Final Quality control

DPI (During production inspection):

Our fty based QA ( quality assurance) team performs numerous on-line inspections during production.

FRI (final random inspection): After packing and before shipment, a third party independent inspection company performs the final quality control based on the international AQL standards.

These FRI are performed usually by Reliance Inspection & Technical services ltd or in some cases by CMA.

Our inspections are performed based on following AQL standards: - for our plastic models : MAJOR 1.5 / MINOR 2.5 - for our glass, ceramic & wooden models : MAJOR 1.5 / MINOR 4.0