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Abela Travel Essential Oil Diffuser with NANO Mist Technology. Rechargeable Battery Powered

Abela Travel Essential Oil Diffuser with NANO Mist Technology. Rechargeable Battery Powered

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Abela Essential Oil Mist Sprayer - Aroma Diffusers

Thin sleek design! The Abela Essential Oil Mist Sprayer uses nano technology and special atomization process to penetrate water to the base cell layer of the skin providing high effective deep skin care and facial beautification. All you have to do is fill it with distilled water, slide to open, then mist your face for 30 seconds. This must be use horizontally to work properly. The cool mist rejuvenates your skin! This releases water particles smaller than what you get with the aerosol sprays from the cosmetics counter!

Add your favorite essential oil to the water tank to give it a spa like experience. 


Product Size: Length: 4.43", Width .89", Depth 1.28"
Weight: 1oz
Water Tank Size: 7ml
Power: 1.2W
Battery: 550mA/H Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery
Charging Voltage: DC5V/500mA-1000mA
Charging Current: 300mA
Spray Volume: 1ml/minute
Spraying Time: 30 seconds each time after switching on
Working Time: After fully charged, it can be used up to 120 times in 30 second intervals

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